Nov 17, 2020

The orthodontic world was turned upside down about two decades ago by a company called Invisalign. Instead of conventional wire braces, this company embraced the high tech of CAD/CAM and 3D printing to create a system of clear aligners to straighten teeth. Today, clear aligner therapy is well accepted by both dentists and patients alike as an effective, comfortable, healthy and cosmetically acceptable way to straighten teeth.

A few years ago, Invisalign’s main patents expired and copy-cat companies popped up overnight. They ranged from direct-to-consumer companies with zero dentist supervision, to do-it-yourself software systems where the dentist 3D prints the aligners at the dental office, to conventional clear aligner companies whose only advantage was a slightly cheaper price.

Franklin Dental Care has never been an early adopter of the newest technology or newest techniques because over Dr Yung’s nearly 3 decades of experience, so many products touted as the best thing since sliced bread have fallen by the wayside when their results started to fail. So, we have sat on the sidelines observing all these new companies. The direct-to-consumer companies are cheap but we have seen their unfortunate results. In the past 2 years, 5 out of 6 of our patients who used one of these companies were found to have outcomes so extremely bad that they required the complex (and very expensive!) intervention of a conventional orthodontist to correct. The other companies bring nothing new to the table.

Until now.

OrthoFX does clear aligner orthodontic therapy. They stand out because unlike their competitors whose aligners are single layer, their aligners consist of a unique 3-layer material called FXTetra which is a dual layer firm but flexible polyester outer shell encasing a middle softer elastomeric layer. This material is more comfortable because it exerts up to 40% less pressure on your teeth. It is also very clear, more so than their competitors, so it is hard for others to tell you are even wearing them. That makes this great for adults! Each set of aligners are worn for one week instead of two so the treatment is faster also. And of course, the material is FDA cleared.

The end result is a faster and more comfortable experience.

Big Advantage: Remote Monitoring! OrthoFX has a unique FXOnTrack All-Time Monitoring mobile app which
allows you to track your progress. You take photos of your teeth and the proprietary software matches up your current teeth movement with projections and if necessary, corrections can be made in mid-treatment!

This is the clincher: Unlike any other company, OrthoFX offers a guarantee for up to 3 years depending on which treatment option you chose. That means if your teeth shift for whatever reason within the guarantee period, such as if you forget to wear your retainers, they will treat you again at no charge!

OrthoFX has a few more advantages: If you lose your aligners, OrthoFX will replace them in 2 days at no charge to you. A subscription plan is available for retainers which makes the costs more affordable and predictable in case you wear out or lose your retainers. And you get a complimentary Premium Whitening kit!

Pricing: To simplify things, OrthoFX charges based on treatment complexity. The fees are set at $2950 for simple cases, $3950 for moderate cases and $4950 for more complex cases. What we really like is you can interact directly with OrthoFX to coordinate insurance benefits, fees and financing! We have found that most of our patients fall into the moderate treatment category of $3950, and with financing, your monthly payment could be as low as $123 per month! The OrthoFX fee advantage over Invisalign ranges from $1500 to $3000!

If you are interested in finding out more, please do not hesitate to reach out to us

OrthoFX Treatment Comparison Table

Case Type Simple Moderate Complex
Treatment Level OrthoFX Select OrthoFX Elite OrthoFX Ultra
Treatment Complexity Minimal crowding or spacing Moderate crowding or spacing Extensive crowding or spacing
Fee $2,950 $3,950 $4,950
With financing, as low as $85 / month $123 / month $155 / month
Aligner limit, arches Dual Arch, 1-12 aligners Dual Arch, 1-24 aligners Dual Arch, unlimited aligners
Guarantee 1 year 2 years 3 years
Retainers Complimentary First Set Complimentary First Set Complimentary First Set
Premium Whitening Kit Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary
FXOnTrack All-Time Monitoring Included Included Included
Wear Compliance Sensor

No Yes Yes

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