Dr. Eveline Junaedy

Dr. Eveline Junaedy


Dr. Eveline Junaedy is excited to be a practicing dentist at Franklin Dental Care after achieving her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from USC in 2020. Dr. Junaedy finished at the top of her class at USC, outperforming all her graduation requirements. In dental school, Dr. Junaedy was able to gain different experiences and stayed involved with extracurricular activities. Some of her highlights included going on a dental mission’s trip to Guatemala to work with the underserved community. She also was able to do a dental externship in San Luis Obispo working at a Community Health Center. Prior to dental school, Dr. Junaedy graduated from UC Santa Cruz and has experience working as a Dental Assistant and a Dental Lab Technician.

Becoming a dentist has been a goal of Dr. Junaedy’s since childhood. She grew up in Indonesia where the importance oral hygiene is not stressed. This has been a main motivation of hers to become a dentist so that she could help those in need. Dr. Junaedy finds her joy in working with patients and making people’s day. She brings positive energy into the office and wants everyone to have a positive dental experience.

In her free time, Dr. Junaedy enjoys staying active and exploring the outdoors. She loves searching for good food and trying new experiences. Her guilty pleasure is drinking boba milk tea, but she always remembers to brush and floss afterwards!

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