Is an Endodontist Different from a Dentist?

Is an Endodontist Different from a Dentist?

Feb 01, 2020

Dentistry is spread into different fields and is not just about the dentist extracting, cleaning, and identifying problems with your teeth. The dentist near you in Oxnard, CA may be practicing as a general dentist and could be managing the general issues of dentistry. An endodontist, however, is a specialist that has received advanced training to deal with problems inside the tooth and not on the exterior. He or she does have the qualifications and the training needed to treat dental problems of all types but they are dedicated to the specialized area of education they have obtained after dental school.

Endodontists near you are experts on treatments of the dental pulp which lies within the tooth at the center. They are not the practitioners you should be visiting if you need cleaning or dental fillings. However, if you need a root canal specialist this is the professional that should be contacted to identify the cause of the oral and facial pain that is difficult to diagnose.

Are Endodontists Different from Periodontists?

You will again notice a difference if you make a comparison between an endodontist vs periodontist because the latter is specializing in another field of dentistry and practicing in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease. This professional also places dental implants and treats oral inflammation. Therefore, if you are suffering from gum disease of any stage or need dental implants placed in your mouth you should be heading to a periodontist rather than an endodontist. At the same time, it must be confirmed that a partnership between a dentist and a periodontist will help to better manage patients with moderate or severe levels of periodontal disease and even complex situations.

A partnership even exists between dentists and endodontists who often work together and support each other in their professions. Despite having the knowledge of how to perform root canal therapy dentists are generally referring patients to an endodontist as he or she has better qualifications to manage these cases. In return, the endodontist refers the patient back to the general dentist for crowns that will be needed after performing a root canal therapy. Therefore despite working in different specialized areas, each professional is complementing the other in some way to ensure patients get the best treatment possible.

What Does an Endodontist Specialize in?

Endodontists specialize in managing pain and ensure their patients are thoroughly comfortable when receiving root canal therapy. Administering numbing medications is the expertise they have achieved during their education even on patients that are traditionally having problems with receiving numbing medications. They ensure that even as patients are treated comfortably they will be relieved from the tooth pain they were suffering after the procedure for the root canal with the removal of the infection in the pulp and the healing of the inflammation.

How Do the Professionals Mentioned in This Discussion Provide Treatment?

Endodontists, Periodontists, and General Dentists all use materials and equipment that are specially designed to make treatments for patients comfortable and successful. An endodontist utilizes digital radiography and 3D imaging to obtain detailed pictures of the tiny tooth anatomy to view root canals better along with any other infections that may be present. Similarly, general dentists use instruments that are designed specifically to manage problems confronting their patients. Periodontists are regularly treating problematic periodontal cases and again have the equipment needed to provide comfortable treatment. The three fields mentioned in this discussion are all branches of dentistry with each specializing in a particular area.

The dentist in Oakland, CA, can offer you a comprehensive range of services in all areas of dentistry making you believe you have ultimately found a dental professional that will not refer you to another expert to send you running around town when all you need is a simple evaluation and treatment for the dental problem you are suffering from. Contacting this clinic will give you access to the best possible care in dentistry giving you an option to begin smiling the moment you step inside and even after you step out. They do not mind extracting a tooth or several teeth from your mouth and also provide you the restorations needed to replace the smile you lost along with several other dental services that will make you want to visit the clinic regularly for checkups and exams.

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