5 Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Cleanings and Exams

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Cleanings and Exams

Sep 01, 2020

Maintaining proper oral hygiene requires more than just cleaning your teeth twice a day. You need to floss them at least once daily and visit the dentist at least twice a year. During these visits, the dentist conducts dental exams and cleanings. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know what these exams and cleaning entail and why they are important. In this blog, we answer the frequently asked questions about exams and cleanings.

#1: Why are Dental Cleaning and Exam Important?

Dental cleanings and exams play a vital role in your oral health. During these exams, a dentist near you in Oakland, CA, cleans your teeth thoroughly and remove substances that can contribute to infections and tooth loss.

Your oral care routine is great, but it is always not enough to save you from cavities and gum disease. Some parts in your mouth are hard to reach with your ordinary toothbrush and some food particles remain in such areas. These food particles then combine with bacteria that are naturally in our mouths to form acids. These acids then attack the enamel, causing cavities, which can eventually lead to tooth loss.

A dental exam, on the other hand, it helps detect developing infections at their early stages. Treating diseases at their early stage helps avoid complications and extreme pain. It also saves you money in the long run, since you will not need expensive dental procedures to save your tooth or replace it.

Finally, some dental exams offer oral cancer screenings. Oral cancer screenings help detect oral cancer in its early stage, which is crucial during treatment. Oral cancer cases have been on the rise in recent years, and statistics show that if it is detected early, the chance of it getting cured improves.

#2: What Happens During the Appointment?

The exact teeth cleaning procedure vary from clinic to clinic, but most dentists usually follow the following routine.

Gum examination

Before the dentist begins cleaning your teeth, he will first examine your gums and teeth for signs of infections. In most cases, he will use a small mirror looking for signs such as tartar and inflamed gums. If the dentist notices some serious infections or cavity, he will discuss with you the available treatment options.


The dentist will remove the plaque and tartar on your mouth using a scaler. He may use a manual or ultrasonic scaler to remove the plaque or tartar.


Your dentist will floss your teeth to remove any remaining food particles. While at it, he will polish your teeth to remove any stains on them.

Fluoride Treatment

Your dentist may or may not include fluoride treatment during the routine visits. It all depends on the dental clinic. You will only need to wear the gel for about 60 seconds. Talk to us if you require exams and cleanings in Oakland, CA.

#3: How Often Should My Teeth Get Cleaned?

Dental exams and cleanings are recommended every six months. However, if you are prone to dental infections or you’re a smoker, you should visit the dentist every three months for cleanings.

#4: Does It Hurt?

No. Dental cleanings and exams are not painful. However, there are various reasons why some patients experience pain and discomfort during teeth cleaning. One of the major factors is if the patient has overly sensitive teeth. Other factors include:

  • TMD disorders
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease

Be sure to communicate with your dentists if you have any of the above issues. Additionally, if the vibrations during the cleaning make you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to tell your dentist. Our dentist is always happy to help you feel as comfortable as possible. We will establish a signal for saying “stop” when the vibrations become too uncomfortable. That way, you will be the one in control.

#5: How Do I Maintain the Cleanliness of My Teeth after Professional Cleaning?

It is easy: brush your teeth as recommended and floss them at least once daily. Use a mouthwash to rinse your mouth at least once daily. Always ensure to use fluoride toothpaste and rinse your toothbrush after cleaning your teeth. Finally, change your toothbrush at least twice in six months.

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