Maintain Your Oral Health with Professional Exams and Cleanings

Maintain Your Oral Health with Professional Exams and Cleanings

Mar 01, 2021

Routine exams and cleanings are necessities when it comes to preventive dental care. Exams and cleanings in Oakland, CA are needed to make one’s teeth grow strong and healthy.

Most adults need to get dental cleanings twice annually. However, this isn’t the same for every individual because the risk of caries varies with individuals. An individual with a higher risk of caries would need to get cleanings more frequently.

A dental exam and cleaning procedure with our dentist in Oakland, CA, involves a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth for proper dental alignment, cavities, and gum disease, as well as a professional dental cleaning. During a dental examination and cleaning, our dentist will take dental x-rays, clean the patient’s teeth thoroughly, and give the patient a fluoride treatment if they are at high risk for developing cavities. The patient will be told after the examination if any additional treatment is needed for their teeth.

Let’s discuss more on what a typical dental exam and cleaning entails.

The Dental Exam Process

Just as discussed earlier, a comprehensive dental exam will be conducted on your teeth. Here is what a typical dental examination in Oakland, CA involves:

  • Radiographs

The radiograph will be used to detect decays, bone loss, and cysts. It will also help the dentist see if the tooth and root are in the correct positions. With radiographs, patients can get to see how their teeth are positioned.

  • Oral cancer screening

After the radiograph check, a more intense screening would be done on the throats, lips, tongue, and face to check for cancer.

  • Gum disease evaluation

Periodontal diseases are rampant, which is why a proper check must be carried out on the gum and bones to be sure they are void of these diseases.

  • Tooth decay exam

Using the proper instruments, all tooth surfaces will be checked for decay.

  • Restoration exam

A restoration exam gives dentists an idea of how to go about the cleaning process. It also helps check for existing fillings and crowns.

The Cleaning Process

Only registered dentists in Oakland, CA, or dental hygienists can carry out the professional cleaning process. If you’re looking for a dentist in Berkeley, Emeryville and Alameda, we welcome you to visit our dentist near you. The cleaning process goes as follows:

  • Calculus removal

Calculus, which is the main cause of teeth discoloration, is a calcified bacterial stain that forms throughout its victim’s life. Calculus mostly occurs on the subgingival surface of the tooth and, in some exceptional cases, on the supragingival surface. It’s a hardened plaque that forms on the tooth and gets firmly attached if left uncared for a long time. Calculus can be removed using the proper dental instrument, which is available at our Oakland dentistry.

  • Removal of plaque

Plaque, just like calculus, is also a bacterial infection. It appears as a sticky, colorless film on the tooth. A plaque on the tooth forms a colony of living bacteria. If this colony isn’t properly checked, toxins known as poisons will be produced, and these toxins can inflame the gums and crowns. Bad breath and tooth decay are the aftermaths of plaque accumulation on the teeth. A plaque is a major cause of periodontal disease. At Oakland, the right dental instruments are in place to get rid of plaques if noticed on your teeth.

  • Teeth polishing

After plaque and calculus removal, teeth polishing is carried out. This procedure leaves the patient’s teeth smooth and glossy. It’s one of the basic procedures you should get at any teeth appointment. Teeth polishing, coupled with other procedures that were discussed earlier, freshens your breath and prevents tooth decay.


Regular dental exams and cleanings are the major strongholds of preventive dentistry; they help prevent all forms of oral health issues. Researchers have successfully established the link between good oral health care and an individual’s well-being. Good oral health care helps reduce the risk of different ailments like stroke, Lund diseases, cancer, and other lethal diseases. Visit our dentist near you today!

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