Facts about Invisalign® Clear Aligners

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Facts about Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Dec 05, 2019

In orthodontics, dental experts and innovators keep trying to devise ways to make the lives of patients better. The process of orthodontics is one that takes time and requires consistency. Given the long duration of most orthodontic treatments, experts try to come up with solutions that will allow patients to enjoy beautiful smiles still. Especially for adults, wearing traditional braces is not exactly an exciting phenomenon. It is why experts came up with clear aligners like Invisalign®.


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What Is Invisalign?

It is a special brand of orthodontic appliances that help correct malpositioned teeth. However, unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is concerned with invisible braces and clear trays of aligners. Instead of the usual metal brackets that are fitted on teeth, Invisalign is about invisible aligners that are hardly noticeable when you wear them. The idea is to ensure that patients can still showcase their smile even while undergoing the orthodontic treatment process.

Why Invisalign?

Other than celebrities popularizing clear teeth aligners, it is not very obvious why you would opt for them over traditional braces. Some of the advantages include:

  • Cosmetic benefit – as mentioned earlier, Invisalign allows you to show off your smile, even as you undergo the treatment.
  • Effectiveness – the Invisalign before and after results on past patients is evidence that invisible teeth aligners are effective in straightening misaligned teeth.
  • Anonymity – because they are clear in color, the world does not have to be aware of your orthodontic treatment. They will just notice the changes in your smile as the aligners start instituting significant changes.
  • Comfort levels – the comfort levels of invisible Invisalign aligners are higher than traditional orthodontic appliances. Since they are made of a soft plastic-like material, they are more comfortable than having metal brackets all over your teeth.
  • Removable – the flexibility that comes with Invisalign is with the removability. Since you can remove them when you want, it makes it easy for you to eat whatever foods you want and still go through with your treatment successfully.

Uncommon Facts about Invisalign

Even with the increased popularity of Invisalign aligners, a dentist will tell you that very few patients understand the appliances. The treatment of Invisalign differs a lot from that of traditional braces. Some of the uncommon facts include:

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  • Replacement of the aligners – the invisible teeth aligners are not removable for no reason. Every couple of weeks, you have to visit your dentist to get your tray of aligners changed. Each set of aligners is customized for a different fit. The reason is that the treatment works by applying controlled pressure on teeth, to institute shifting. This means that after a couple of weeks of wearing one set of aligners, your teeth will get comfortable. A different set is issues to continue the treatment. The number of clear aligners you receive throughout your treatment will depend on the treatment plan that your dentist set out for you, which is affected by many factors.
  • The longevity of wearing them – much as the clear aligners are removable, you cannot avoid wearing them as you want. The aligners have to be kept on for up to 22 hours every day. The pressure applied on teeth is controlled, but it has to be consistent. Wearing them for 22 hours ensures that the teeth are always shifting and without lapsing back.
  • Stains and oral hygiene – if you are one to slack on oral hygiene, Invisalign may not be the best for you. The clear aligners stain easily. If you allow them to stain, it defies the idea of keeping them invisible and anonymous. Instead, you have to be intentional about brushing your teeth every time you eat and flossing. This will keep your aligners stain-free and clear at all times.
  • Not everyone is a perfect candidate – did you know that it is not everyone that qualifies for Invisalign? As much as you may want to have clear aligners for your orthodontic treatment, you may not be a fit candidate for them. These clear aligners are best suited to handle moderate orthodontic problems. If your situation is advanced and complex, traditional braces are best for you. Any complex case of crowded teeth, large gaps between teeth, severely crooked teeth, among others, cannot be corrected with these aligners.

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