Fillings in Oakland, CA

Fillings in Oakland are a type of reparative dentistry used to restore the appearance and function of a decayed or damaged tooth. Tooth fillings at Franklin Dental Care are often used to repair a cavity. The process of filling a tooth can be accomplished in one visit.

Fillings at Franklin Dental Care

There are two most commonly used materials for teeth fillings at Franklin Dental Care.

Tooth-colored composite resin: Natural-looking composite white filling material consists of a mixture of glass and plastic.

Traditional silver amalgam: Silver fillings are a combination of mercury, silver, tin, and copper. Amalgam has been used for 150 years; today, approximately 47 percent of all dentists still place amalgam fillings.

Franklin Dental Care in Oakland uses both composite and amalgam filling material. We recognize that tooth-colored composite restorations are a great option for our Oakland patients. Find out more about why white composite for dental fillings in Oakland is the material of choice at Franklin Dental Care.

Dental Fillings in Oakland

Your dentist in Oakland will first numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic. Next, the decayed portion of the tooth will be removed or the existing restoration. The size of the cavity, or the number of areas being treated, will depend on which tooth and the extent of the decay or damage.

Once the affected tooth has been cleaned and prepared, your Oakland dentist will fill in the empty hole with amalgam or composite restorative material. Then, the material will be shaped to closely match the former tooth structure. Your dentist in Oakland may ask you to bite down to check for a proper bite. The dental filling may be adjusted to fit your bite until it is comfortable.

Tooth fillings are very long lasting when they are cared for. Properly. For that reason, it is very important to follow a great home oral hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing and getting regular professional check-ups and cleanings every six months.

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