Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Oakland, CA

While you might not think much about mouth cancer, it is a significant health concern that deserves attention. Oral cancer is not as well-known as other cancers, but it can be just as deadly. In the United States alone, one person dies of the disease, every hour, each day. When it comes to all cancers, this is considered a small percentage. However, oral cancer is particularly dangerous because it is often not detected until it is too late. In the advanced stage, the odds of survival are not good. For that reason, we offer oral cancer screenings at Franklin Dental Care.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Oakland, CA

This simple test serves as an early indicator of whether or not a patient is likely to have oral cancer. The good news is that early detection saves lives. Furthermore, oral cancer screenings have been proven to increase the rate of survival by 80 percent or higher. The screening is performed during your routine dental health checkups, so you don’t have to schedule an extra visit.

There is nothing to fear. Your Oakland dentist will complete this painless exam quickly. Our dental team has been trained to identify slight changes in the soft tissues of mouth, tongue, and lips. To clarify, we know what abnormalities may be early signs of trouble. The test is both visual and tactile. This means your dentist in Oakland will examine your mouth visually and by touch. If any questionable areas are noted, a tissue sample will be taken and sent to a lab for testing.

Who is at Risk for Oral Cancer?

While oral cancer mainly affects patients over 40, younger people are developing the disease. In fact, the fastest-growing segment today is people under 40. The increase in this demographic is due to the spread of sexually-transmitted HPV16 (Human Papilloma Virus).

Other primary risk factors include moderate to heavy drinkers, patients who are middle-aged or older and long-time tobacco users. All of these groups have an increased risk of getting mouth cancer. Also, chronic sun exposure can lead to lip cancer. As with all cancers, genetics may play a big role in who develops oral cancer, as well.

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