Root Canals

Root Canals in Oakland, CA

Although all dentists in the United States receive the same fundamental training, some professionals choose to study advanced specialties that allow them to become skilled in a broad range of treatments. For some, the chosen field is Root Canals. Root Canals is concerned with the treatment and care of the soft pulp that exists underneath the hard enamel of the teeth. Not all patients will need to see an endodontist in their lifetime, but a vast number do because the teeth become damaged over time. For people seeking a qualified endodontist in Oakland, we highly recommend visiting Franklin Dental Care.

What Is Root Canals Treatment?

Here at Franklin Dental Care, the most common form of treatment performed is the root canal. While this procedure has been stereotyped as invasive and painful by the media, the truth is that modern technological developments have made it simple and pain-free.

A root canal is when a dentist needs to remove the diseased pulp from the interior of the tooth, completely clean and shape the associated root system, sanitize the interior, and then fill the root canals and the rest of the tooth. These canals are not usually visible because they rest underneath the gums and connect to the jawbone. When a tooth has been allowed to decay for too long, sometimes there simply isn’t enough healthy pulp inside to maintain the tooth. A root canal is still performed, but all the pulp might be removed.

Who Needs Root Canals?

Individuals of any age who have permanent adult teeth might require Root Canals treatment, but the people most commonly seen are ones who have allowed their oral health and maintenance to lapse for a long time if you are not brushing and flossing regularly, your chances of having tooth decay and needing a full root canal increase.

Sometimes people will require Root Canals treatment if they experience physical damage to a tooth instead of standard decay. This is because the damaged internal tissues can sometimes die off and lead to poor health overall. Individuals who suspect this might be the case in Oakland should schedule an appointment with Franklin Dental Care for a checkup.

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