Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Oakland, CA

Few people realize that dentists are skilled in the treatment of many sleeping problems, including the dreaded sleep apnea. Dental sleep medicine is a specialized field in dentistry that is available in numerous locations like Oakland. Sleep apnea is a condition wherein a person stops breathing while asleep because of a restriction in the airway. This restriction can be caused by the throat muscles intermittently relaxing, which blocks the airway in a condition called obstructive sleep apnea.

How a Dentist Can Help

Sleep apnea is a terrifying condition because it can result in a patient suffocating in their sleep. There are numerous causes, and one of the first steps a dentist can take is helping to identify what is responsible for obstructive sleep apnea in a patient. While one of the most common problems is being overweight, sleep apnea can also develop because of weakened jaw muscles or an irregular anomaly in the shaping of the mouth. Once a source is identified, the dentist can start the right treatment.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

When someone develops sleep apnea, they are often treated with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. These machines can be effective, but many patients find them uncomfortable and inconvenient since they are not fitted to a person’s jaw, mouth, or bite. The machine can also be quite noisy, limiting how well someone sleeps.

Instead of relying on the CPAP, a dentist can help patients by fitting them for a custom oral appliance. The appliance is worn in the mouth at night and helps keep the airway open and unrestricted. It fits similar to a standard sports guard or orthodontic retainer and is easy to keep clean. It stops the airway from collapsing by keeping the jaw in a comfortable forward position and does not produce noise. Some patients even report their snoring stops as well.

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Here at Franklin Dental Care, we strive to serve all of our patients in Oakland and don’t want anyone to suffer through sleep apnea alone. To find out more about treatment, make an appointment with one of our professionals today, and rest easy knowing Franklin Dental Care has your back.

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