Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Oakland, CA

If you are looking for a simple way to change and improve the appearance of your smile, consider a teeth whitening treatment at Franklin Dental Care. Whether you have a big presentation at work coming up, a special event like a wedding, or want to refresh your appearance, a professional whitening treatment in Oakland, CA is a quick and easy way to make an impression.

Why choose professional treatment?

You’ve undoubtedly seen a variety of oral care products at the store that promises to whiten your teeth after a certain period or a number of uses. These toothpaste, mouth rinses, gels, or strips can have a limited effect, lightening your smile only a few shades. A professional treatment, on the other hand, can produce much more dramatic results and can do so in a much shorter time – a typical treatment takes about an hour at our office. Additionally, because it is administered by a professional, there is less chance of tooth sensitivity occurring as a side effect after the treatment is completed.

Why do teeth get yellow?

There are several reasons why our smiles lose their brightness over time. Smoking and chewing tobacco have a big impact on the appearance of a smile. So does your diet, especially if you consume tooth-staining foods and drinks like coffee and wine frequently. Finally, teeth can lose their brightness naturally over time. As the enamel layer gradually wears away, the yellow dentin layer underneath becomes more visible.

What is the procedure for teeth whitening?

At Franklin Dental Care, we utilize a special whitening gel that contains a concentrated amount of the whitening agent. This ingredient is usually hydrogen peroxide and, because it is much stronger than anything you would purchase and use yourself, it can produce results quickly. Your dentist will start by cleaning the teeth. A protective gel will then be applied to the gums to prevent them from getting irritated by the whitening solution. This solution will be applied to the teeth and activated using a special light. This process may need to be repeated two or three times more, depending on what your desired shade is before the treatment is completed. You may receive a kit to use at home to maintain your results in Oakland, CA.

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